Betel leaves are commonly known as "paan"  in India it is consumed by millions of people daily for "Digestive aid"

it is also good for "Oral health" betel leaves contain antibacterial properties that can help to fight the bacteria responsible for dental problems such as gum disease and cavities. 

"Anti inflammatory"  there are many types of betel leaves, some types are cold and some types are hot in nature chose wisely

Betel leaves contain proteins, fats, minerals, fibre, carbohydrates, potassium, calcium, vitamin C and other nutrients.

Betel leaves "Heal  wound" faster as burn injury  allow the juice to soothe the wound.

 Betel leaf is good for health

Betel leaves have antioxidant, anti-allergic, antifungal, anti-diabetic, antimicrobial, and anticancer, potassium, calcium, vitamin C properties.

Betel leaves reilf from cough 

Betel leaves are good for mouth freshener and relief from headache