Lakshadweep Tourism

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Lakshadweep Tourism There is no answer to the beauty of Lakshadweep. There are many places worth seeing in Lakshadweep like Agatti. This is one of the most beautiful lagoons of Lakshadweep’s airport is on this island. It is easy to reach here. There is a direct flight from Kochi to here (Lakshadweep).

Lakshadweep Tourism map
Lakshadweep Tourism map

India is the only country in the world where you have the facility to travel in every season. If you want to see snowfall, then you can go to Kullu, Manali, Keylong. If you want to enjoy the rain, then you can go to Cherrapunji. If you want to see forts, then you can go to Kullu. You can go to places like Jaipur, Delhi, Agra etc. If you like on the banks of rivers, then you can go to Rishikesh for rafting. Every season tourism is available in India. India is a unique country in the world. India works on the policy of Vasudev Kutumbakam, this is the reason why Despite there being many countries in the world, there is a feeling of unity in diversity in India. If you want to see the beauty of the sea, then you can go to Goa, Lakshadweep. Juhu beach of Mumbai is also very beautiful. The beaches of Gujarat and the beaches of Hyderabad are worth seeing. Is

Lakshadweep Tourism Bangaram is a small island. Due to the phosphorescent plankton and coral sand in the sea, it emits a wonderful blue glow even at night. It can be reached by boat or helicopter from Agatti.

In Kalpeni, you can see the coral reefs. Kalpeni is located at a distance of 15 minutes from Agatti Airport by helicopter. Where coral reefs can be seen, they have their own unique view and beauty of nature.

Kadmat is about 8 kilometers long and about 550 meters wide island of Lakshadweep. Tourists come here for sea sports, where beautiful huts amidst palm trees have a different beauty. Here you can take a boat trip, walk by foot, walk in a boat, glass You can enjoy the beauty of nature by renting a bottom boat. This place is also considered ideal for scuba diving.

The headquarters of Lakshadweep is in Kavaratti. The look of sunbathing is very soothing here. Here you can enjoy the dolphin diving center and aquarium. The coral reef here offers heavenly beauty. Helicopter services are available here from Agati Airport. Enjoy them too. is unique in itself

After roaming, you will feel very hungry and food is the cure for that hunger. The popular food here is Tuna Fish Fried Mus Kebab and Curry Raireha made from Red Tuna. This is about non-vegetarian dish. Now let’s talk about vegetarian food. Farata is famous here. Breakfast is where the people here make rotis from a mixture of native flour, ghee and sugar, which is eaten here for breakfast.




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