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Pete Davidson Net Worth- Pete Davidson age, Pete Davidson biography, Pete Davidson career, Pete Davidson relationship, Pete Davidson tattoo, Pete Davidson Education, Pete Davidson movies, Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson Wikipedia, we will provide you with a complete biography of Pete Davidson.

Pete Davidson is well-known as an American comedian as well as an actor. Pete Davidson is also a cast of the NBC late-night sketch comedy series named “Saturday Night Live”. Saturday Night Live has eight seasons which started airing from 2014 to 2022.

In 2019, Pete Davidson starred in a comedy film named “Big Time Adolescence. Davidson appeared in many films which include The King Staten Island in 2020, The Suicide Squad in 2021, Meet Cute in 2022, Bodies Bodies Bodies in 2022, and Marmaduke in 2022.

Pete Davidson Biography

Full namePete Michael Davidson
Net Worth (2020)$11 million
Birth date26th November 1993
Birth PlaceNew York City’s Staten Island borough
Age28 Years as of 2022
Father’s nameScott Davidson
Mother’s nameAmy Waters Davidson
SiblingsCasey Davidson
Mother TongueEnglish
Zodiac signScorpio
OccupationActor, Musician, and Film producer, Stand-up comedian
Weight83 KG
Marital statusUnmarried

Pete Davidson Age

Pete Davidson was born to Scott Davidson and Amy Waters Davidson on 16th November 1993. As of 2022, Pete Davidson is 28 years old. Davidson began his career in early 2010 when he was just 17 years old. He was seen in some guest roles on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Guy Code, Wild ’n Out, and Friends of the people.

Pete Davidson28 as of 2022

Pete Davidson Face

The shape of Pete Davidson’s face is oblong. The jawline, forehead, and cheekbones of Davidson are almost the same width. His face is longer. His cheek-line is also known as mid-face. And his chin is round shape.

Pete Davidson Education

Pete Davidson was raised Catholic. He went to St. Joseph by Sea High School. After completing high school, he attended Tottenville High School. After that, he joined Xaverian High School and completed his graduation in 2011.

Peter Davidson heights

Height in inches6’1”
Height in centimeters183.7 cm

Peter Davidson Weight

Weight83 Kg

Pete Davidson Childhood

Pete Davidson once talked about his childhood. He said that his childhood was not great as his father passed early. It was a very hard time for his mother to handle him and his sister. According to him, he was a nightmare. His father died when he was just 7 years old.

Pete Davidson Family

Pete Davidson is the son of Scott Davidson and Amy Waters Davidson. He has a sister named Casey Davidson. His mother is of mostly Irish ancestry along with distant German roots. And his father was predominantly of Jewish ancestry with some distant German, Italian, and Irish.

Pete Davidson’s father

Pete’s father’s name is Scott Davidson who was predominantly of Jewish ancestry with some distant German, Italian, and Irish. Scott Davidson was a New York firefighter for Ladder 118.

Pete Davidson’s dad’s 9/11 passing

His father died during the 2001 attacks along with his units. Pete Davison was seen running up the stairs of the Marriot World Trade Center. Then the building was destroyed when the Twin Towers collapsed. At the age of seven, he was profoundly affected by his father’s death. In an interview, he stated to The New York Times, it was overwhelming. Also, he stated that he struggled with suicidal thoughts.

Pete Davidson Tattoo

The “Saturday Night Live” star has no fear of ink. He has covered almost his entire body with tattoos. There are more than 70 tattoos on his body. The tattoos include honouring his family, favourite movies, relationships and more.

In 2021, the actor announced that he will remove all his tattoos when his age will be 30. But he threw up his promise after dating Kim Kardashian at the end of the year. But the couple broke up in the middle of 2022.

Kim Kardashian

My girl is a lawyer

After Kardashian’s revealing to DeGeneres in March 2022 that Pete Davidson has some tattoos in her honour, Kim posted a picture of her “favorite”, which nods to Kim’s pursuit of a career in law.

“Kim” tattoo

is technically not a tattoo, the brand was a clear sign that Davidson has a devotion to Kardashian. According to Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson wanted to do something different. She also said that Davidson told her of his brand and that he did not want to be able to get rid of it or cover it up. He wanted the tattoo there as a scar on him.

“Jasmine” and “Aladdin”

Before breaking up, they posted their adorable poolside selfie. In the picture, the comedian-actor showed off his two buzzed tattoos which he tributes to his girlfriend Kim Kardashian on his collarbone which include the words “Jasmine” and “Aladdin”. There was an infinity sign in the middle of the tattoo. The sign refers to their first kiss during an “Aladdin” – themed “SNL” skit in late 2021.


The comedian-actor also inked Kardashian’s 1st initial beside those of four children she shares with Kanye West: Chicago, North, Saint, and Psalm.

“Grande” and a black keyhole

Before getting into a relationship with Kim Kardashian, the comedian-actor was engaged to Ariana Grande for a few months in 2018. He has various tattoos to show it. After that, Pete Davidson covered up the art with a black keyhole.

“Piggy Smallz”

Pete Davidson and Grande adopted a pig and named the pic “Smallz”. Then he inked “Smallz” on his side. Tattoo artist Mira Mariah drew the tattoo on his side.

“Dangerous Woman”

Pete Davidson and Grande got several tiny tattoos together which include a matching cloud tattoo, and the words “H2GKMO” and “REBORN”. He further inked behind his ear to tribute to Grande’s career. With the tattoo, there was also an alphabet “A” and a large black heart.

“Kneeling fireman”

Pete Davidson inked a portrait of a kneeling firefighter on his shoulder for his late father Scott Davidson who died in 2001. His father was a member of the FDNY.

The badge number of Scott Davidson”

Pete Davidson inked the number “8418” on his forearm. Grande also had the same numbers added to her uncle. After the breakup, she covered up this tattoo.

“Fireman’s prayer”

The comedian has another tattoo which is “Enable me to be alert and hear the weakest shout.” This quote is a part of a poem named “The Fireman’s Prayer.”

“Swerve life”

The first tattoo that Pete Davidson got when he was just 17 years old. A lyric from the song “Marcy”.


Davidson and Machine Gun Kelly together stared in “Big Time Adolescence” which was released in 2019. It includes a scene where Kelly’s Nick gives the actor Zeke a tattoo on his right leg. It was clear that the couple did not face it on-screen.

“We babies”

In 2021, New Year’s evening Miley Cyrus and Davidson revealed that they got matching tattoos of the phrase “We babies”. They were inspired by a 2017 “SNL” skit. There Davidson and Miley Cyrus played rapping infants.

“Hilary Clinton”

Clinton lost the election of 2016 to Donald Trump. Davidson inked her portrait on his leg to show his support.

“Ruth Bader Ginsberg”

After a day of appearing in an “SNL” sketch about Ruth Bader Ginsberg in 2018, Davidson got the face of Supreme Court’s late Justice. The face has a crown which tattooed on his right shoulder.

Harry Porter Tattoo “Albus Dumbledore quote”

Pete Davidson is a big fan of Harry Porter. He inked more than one tattoo to the J.K Rowling series. Probably it is the largest quote that he made on his left forearm. The quote is “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

“Bada Bing”

Pete Davidson is also a nig fan of “The Sopranos.” He made the logo of Tony Soprano’s strip club on his side.


Davidson inked “murder” backwards in red coloured from the 1980s film “The Shinning”. This tattoo sites on his right hand before beginning his laser removal process.

“The King Comedy”

Davidson made another tattoo which is from Martin Scorsese’s “The King of Comedy.” The quote is “Better to be king for a night than schmuck for a lifetime”.

 “Rocky Balboa quote”

The comedian made another tattoo on his back inspired by Sylvester Stallone’s “Rocky.” The quote that he made from the 2006 film is “It ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.”

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian were first seen together in late 2021 when Kardashian appeared on Saturday Night Live. During hosting her in an episode of SNL, they shared an on-screen kiss in a Disney-themed sketch where the two Jasmine and Aladdin. The two began to date in November 2021.

Earlier, Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kanye West in early 2021. Then Kim Kardashian announced herself as a single in March 2022. Kanye West referenced the relationship in the track “Eazy” which was released in 2022. In the music video, the song depicted a Claymation figure of Davidson being buried, kidnapped, and showed his decapitated head. Kim’s ex-husband further attacked Davidson on Instagram in February of 2022 calling him a “dickhead” and “Hillary Clinton’s ex-boyfriend.”

Pete Davidson and Kanye West

Kanye West and his ex-wife Kim Kardashian got into a love-hate relationship after Kim began to date Davidson in 2021. West told, F*ck SNL. While SNL cast member Davidson was on the show at the time, Kardashian saw him after hosting SNL in October.

After one year of divorce from the Yeezy designer, Kim was seen enjoying her relationship with the King of Staten Island star. During the rant, the designer said people to told Davidson not to wear the red hat. As a reply, Davidson said he wished he bullied him and also he wished he would have suggested that it might upset some people’s life his wife or every black person ever.

Pete Davidson Ariana Grande engagement

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande enjoyed their relationship in 2018 also they got engaged. The singer Grande told, that the romance was unrealistic in her Vogue interview and said to the comedian “thank you, next”. During their relationship, Ariana prioritized her relationship with Kete Davidson. She said that she thought him into her life.

In an interview, Davidson said that he knew their relationship was over when he heard that Ariana’s ex-boyfriend Mac Miller had died. According to Ariana, their relationship was frivolous and fun and insane as well as highly unrealistic. Since then, the comedian criticized her word choice and called them “unfair”. Now Davidson sees their relationship as a fair game.

Pete Davidson Brooklyn 99 scene

Brooklyn 99 is a hit American police procedural comedy television series. The series aired on Fox, then it aired on NBC. The comedian appeared in Episode three of series 1 of Brooklyn 99 in 2013 titled The Slump. It was one of the earliest acting roles of Pete Davidson. In the series, he was seen along with some of his fellow Saturday Night Live stars.

Pete Davidson’s Birthday

The real name of Pete Davidson is Peter Michel Davidson who was born on 16th November 1993 in New York City’s Staten Island borough. The names of his parents are Scott Matthew Davidson and Amy Waters Davidson.

Pete Davidson breakup with Kim

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian got into a relationship in late 2021. Then Kim filed for divorce from West. But their relationship lasts for a few months as the couple split up in August 2022.

Pete Davidson career

When Pete Davidson was just 16 years old began his career in Stand-up comedy. His friend helped him to perform at a bowling alley. In 2013, Davidson appeared in the MTV series “Failosophy” as an actor. Thereafter, he was seen in several comedy series on MTV.

The actor appeared in the comedy Gotham Comedy Live which was a Stand-up comedy show. Then his few appearances were seen on Brooklyn 99 which was telecasted on Television.

At the age of 20, Davidson performed at Comedy Central Roast, and he got praised by the audience. Apart from this, Davidson appeared in various shows which include “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”, and “Saturday Night Live in its 44th season-finale.”

In 2021, the comedian acted in the Netflix series “I slept with Joey Ramone”.

Pete Davidson car collection

According to Pete Davidson, he has no interest in cars. But he has a couple of cars.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class: This car has a 4L twin-turbocharged V8 engine that can generate power up to 429 hp and 384 lb-ft of torque. This vehicle can reach a maximum speed of 155 mph. He brought this car as his grandfather wanted to have this car for more than 15 years. The cost of this car is $111,000.

Mercedes G Wagon: This vehicle has a 4L bi-turbocharged V8 bi-turbo engine that can generate a maximum power of 416 hp as well as can reach 0 to 62 mph in 5.6s. The maximum speed that a car can reach is 130mph.  the price of this vehicle is $130,900.

Pete Davidson comedy special

Presently, there are 4 comedy specials on Netflix where either Davidson is featured or leading the charge. One of the specials on Netflix is “Pete Davidson presents: The Best Friends.” In this special, Davidson brings together his funniest friends to bring one of the most hilarious nights. Before bringing his friends, he sneaks some jokes of his own.

Another Davidson’s special is “Alive from New York”. He acted in Joan Rivers, Jonas Brother’s Family Roast and The Hall: Honoring George Carlin, Robin Williams, and Richard Pryor.

Pete Davidson Comedy Show

Pete Davidson’s comedy show includes Saturday Night Live, Pete Davidson presents:  The Best Friends, Brooklyn 99, The Rookie, Pete Davidson: SMD, The Freak Brothers, The Real Bros of Simi Valley, Comedy Underground with Dave Attell, Eighty-sixed, Adam Devine’s House Party, Goddamn Comedy Jam, Ricky Velez: Here’s Everything, The Guest Book, Guy Code, The Now, and Weekend Update.

Pete Davidson disease

Pete Davidson was suffering from Crohn’s disease from age 17 to 18. For this, he takes intravenous treatment and also uses medical marijuana to get rid of the pain. On 6th March 2017, he announced through his Instagram account that he had quit drags. According to him, he only used marijuana.

Pete Davidson Dating now

According to the report, Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski are dating. As per the report of “told Us Weekly”, they have been talking for a couple of months. They met through their common friend. Davidson makes Ratajkowski laugh, and he also loves her intelligence, according to the insider.

Emily Ratajkowski said that he is vulnerable and lovely, and his fingernail polish is awesome.

Pete Davidson exes

In 2015, Davidson started dating Carly Aquilio. But after that, in 2016, Davidson got into a relationship with Cazzie David. Then He announced in 2018 that they had broken up. Then, he got engaged to Ariana Grande in May 2018, but the couple got separated after 5 months of their relationship.

Thereafter he got into relationships with many girls such as Kate Beckinsale, Margaret Qualley, Kaia Gerber, Olivia O’Brien, Phoebe Dynevor, Kim Kardashian, and Emily Ratajkowski.

Pete Davidson Elon musk

Earlier, Pete Davidson shared his thoughts about Elon Mask‘s upcoming appearance on the show Saturday Night Live after having dinner with the Tesla CEO. On The Breakfast Club, the comedian said that he did not understand why Mask’s hosting gig the Saturday had garnered controversy.

Pete Davidson Eminem

After 8 seasons of Saturday Night Live, the comedian got a commemorative farewell from Eminem who surprised cameo in a parody of “Forgot About Dre”. Eminem appeared in the season 47 finale of Saturday Night Live as a part of a cut-for-time musical sketch in tribute to Saturday Night Live producer Lorne Michaels.

Pete Davidson Edmonton

Two Hollywood comedy giants appeared in Alberts Capital city this summer to perform at The Great Outdoors Comedy Festival. On 13th August, Amy Schumer’s self-title show hit the stage at the Edmonton Exhibition. And the Stiff Socks podcast term recorded an episode with Pete Davidson live on 14th August.

Pete Davidson Film

Film NamesThe year
Jonas Brothers Family Roast2021
What Men Want2019
The Dirt2019
Pete Davidson: Alive from New York2020
The Angry Birds Movie 22019
Set It Up2018
Good Mourning2022
I Want You Back2022
The Suicide Squad2021
The King of Staten Island2020

Pete Davidson’s First Girlfriend

Pete Davidson got into a relationship for the very first time with Carly Aquilino in 2015. The two probably met on Girl Code and Guy Code. Though the couple dated seven years ago and Pete and Aquilino remain on good terms.

Pete Davidson Famous Movies

Movies nameThe YearRanked by IMDb
The Jesus Rolls20194.4
What Men Want20195.3
The Angry Birds Movie 220196.4
Set It Up20186.5
I Want You Back20226.6
Big Time Adolescence20196.9
The Dirt20196.9
The King of Staten Island20207.1
The Suicide Squad20217.2

Pete Davidson Fashion

Pete Davidson is famous for his style. His Fashion sense is incredible from streetwear staples to designer threads. Most of the time he is seen in oversized tees and low-key kicks. His most iconic fashion moments were the Thom Browne dress that he wore to the Met Gala 2021.

Pete Davidson Going to Space

Early in March of 2021, Spaceflight company Blue Origin declared that Pete Davidson would be an honorable guest along with five paying customers onboard NS-20 which is a suborbital flight of its New Shepard cart planned after that month.  After that, the flight was rescheduled and the Spaceflight company Blue Origin announced that Davidson was no longer able to join the crew of the craft.

Pete Davidson Hillary Clinton

Pete Davidson and Hillary Clinton shipped together. Hillary is an American Politician as well as a former First Lady. The media and fans started believing that the two are involved after they were catching up with keyboard warriors on Twitter.

Pete Davidson Horror Movie

Pete Davidson acted in some horror movies such as “Bodies Bodies Bodies”, “The Home”, and  “The Suicide Squad”.

Pete Davidson joker

Pete Davidson’s role as the joker is yet to be confirmed in “Suicide Squad 2”. There is a high chance that Davidson could be playing the not-so-funny- supervillain. Whatever the role Davidson playing, the role is not a big one.

Pete Davidson Longest Relationship

Pete Davidson got into several relationships. But his most of relationships last for a few months. The first serious relation of Pete Davidson was with the writer Cazzie David. At that time Davidson was not as famous as now.

The two were spotted at numerous industry events together. According to TMZ, Davidson proposed to David several times during their relationship. Davidson and Cazzie David’s relationship lasts for two years. Though the reason for their breakup is still unknown.  

Pete Davidson TV Shows

Pete Davidson acted in various TV shows. Here’s the list of TV shows where Davidson acted:

Name of TV showsThe Year
BupkisIs due to premiere
Pete Davidson: Alive from New York2020
Saturday Night Live1975 – 2022
Brooklyn 992013 – 2021
The Rookie2018
The Freak Brothers2021
Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Thursday2008
Comedy Central Roast of Rob LoweSince 2016
The NowSince 2021
Harry Porter: Hogwarts Tournaments of Houses2021
Jon Stewart: The Mark Twain Prize2022
Saturday Night Live: Cut for Time2013
The Making of The King of Staten Island2020
Goddamn Comedy Jam2016
Click, Clack, Moo: Christmas at the Farm2017
Official Standup at the Stand2013 – 2014
Zhuleny bratri2020

Pete Davidson Outfits

Pete Davidson said that he has always been someone who prefers to chuck on clothes. According to him, he has a specific uniform such as hats, sweats, T-shirts, and sneakers that make up his day-today-look.

Pete Davidson Phoebe Dynevor

Pete Davidson and Phoebe Dynevor started dating each other in early 2021. Their relationship was long distance. Though it was not clear where the “Saturday Night Live” star and Phoebe Dynevor first met. But the romance of this couple was confirmed. According to the report, the two broke up. There is no evidence of Dynever’s crossing paths with Davidson during her time in New York.

Pete Davidson Queen Elizabeth

After breaking up with Ariana Grande, Pete Davidson was seen with a well-known person named Queen Elizabeth. In a Twitter meme, the man and Queen Elizabeth were seen together. And this picture is winning the internet this week. In the picture, Davidson wore trademark pajamawear while Queen Elizabeth wore a coat dress, pearls and hat.   

Pete Davidson rebound

In the past few years, Pete Davidson become the resident rebound and relaunch guy of Hollywood. Many women came into his life as he got into a long-term relationship, a messy, traumatic event.

There is no doubt that he is a rebound guy as well as he is the ideal rebrand and relaunch guy. Though any of his relationships no longer last for a long time. There is a lot of speculation about his breakup with Kim Kardashian.

Pete Davidson’s recent news

The rumours are moving around that Pete Davidson and the model Emily Ratajowski are dating. Just a few months ago Davidson and Kim Kardashian broke up after nine months of their relationship. Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajowski were recently spotted together as well as they were seen spending quality time on Davidson’s birthday.

Pete Davidson’s sister

Pete Davidson has a younger sister named Casey Davidson. She is not as famous as her elder brother.

Pete Davidson’s social media

The “Saturday Night Live” star does not post much on his Instagram account, but the comedian has racked up 1 million followers. You will be surprised after knowing that the star has been active on social media for nearly 3 years. According to him, he deleted social media accounts to preserve his mental health.

The comedian was targeted by internet trolls after breaking up with Ariana Grande in 2018. 3rd December of the same year, Davidson posted on Instagram that he was trying to understand how when something happens to a guy the entire world trash him without any facts.

Pete Davidson Wikipedia

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Pete Davidson imbd

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Pete Davidson Twitter

Pete Davidson created his Twitter account in October 2016. On Twitter, he has 6,713 followers. The Name of his Twitter account is @petedavidsonSNL.

Pete Davidson Instagram

Pete Davidson created his Instagram account on 16th February 2022. Quickly his Instagram account racked up more than 500,000 followers. It just took a few hours. But the comedian follows only 2 people, one is his ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian, another is actor Sebastian Stan.

Davidson shared only one post on his Instagram account which is a clip from “The King Of Comedy” his story. Now the famous comedian has no Instagram account, and he has not announced anything about his return ON Instagram. Though this is not the 1st time that the actor deleted his social media account. During his career, he has deleted and re-joined the social media platform 4 times.

Name of the accountFollowers counts
Pete Davidson Instagram500,000 followers
Pete Davidson Twitter6713 followers

Pete Davidson upcoming movies

The Upcoming movies of Pete Davidson include Transformers: Rise of the Beasts and Dumb Money. The movie Transformers: Rise of the Beasts will be released on 9th June 2023. The name of the director of this movie is Steven Caple Jr. The names of the producers of this movie are Michael Bay, Duncan Henderson, Mark Vahradian, Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Tom DeSanto, and Don Murphy.

The names of the production companies are Skydance Media, Di Bonaventura Pictures, Entertainment One, and New Republic Pictures. The cast names of this movie are Pete Davidson, Peter Cullen, Ron Perlman, Anthony Ramos, Tobe Nwigwe, Lauren Velez, Domenic Di Rosa, Michelle Yeoh, Dominique Fishback, Sebastian Maniscalco, and Grey DeLisle.

The movie Dumb Money will be released in 2023. This movie is an American biographical comedy-drama film. The director of this movie is Craig Gillespie. The movies will be distributed on Sony Pictures. The names of the production companies are Black Bear Pictures and Winklevoss Picture. Dumb Money is produced by Teddy Schwarzman and Aron Ryder.

The cast names of Dumb Money are Paul Dano, Pete Davidson, Sebastian, Stan, Seth Rogen, Shailene Woodley, Anthony Ramos, Dane DeHaan, Myha’la Herrold, America Ferrera, Vincent D’Onofrio, Rushi Kota, Nick Offerman, and Talia Ryder.

Pete Davidson variety

Variety has learned that Pete Davidson will be starring in “Bupkis” which is a semi-autobiographical comedy series. Davidson is a producer as well as a writer of this show. This is not the 1st project which is inspired by Davidson’s real life. There is another movie named “The King of Staten Island” which is also inspired by Davidson’s life. Davidson gained the limelight after appearing in Saturday Night Live.

Pete Davidson vegan

Pete Davidson has not confirmed if he is vegan or not.

Pete Davidson veneers

Veneers are very expensive, but the comedian can afford them. According to his fans, Davidson has most likely had veneers.

Pete Davidson vanity fair

Pete Davidson is a self-helping person. Now he is busy transitioning himself. Because he just broke up with Kim Kardashian. Davidson joined the Great Resignation alongside he left Saturday Night Live. According to told Us Weekly, Davidson is focusing on himself as well as his career. Now he is trying to make himself happy.


A source in Us Weekly said that Davidson is ambitious, and he wants to continue his stand-up comedy routine.

Pete Davidson Awards

Pete Davidson received CinEuphoria Award for Best actor. But he was nominated several times.

Pete Davidson Net worth

The Net Worth Pete Davidson estimated is around $11 million. His most of earnings come from his acting career as a comedian, screenwriter, and film producer. He gained the limelight after becoming the popular cast member of NBC’s comedy show “Saturday Night Live”.

Pete Davidson appeared in various shows such as Guy Code and Philosophy. At that time, he was writing various comedy-drama movies as well. As per our source, his annual income is nearly $5000,000.

Davidson earned around $15000 per episode from the show on NBC. The extra income comes from his appearance as a guest in shows and featured in numerous movies.

Net Worth in 2018$6 million
Net Worth in 2019$8.5 million
Net Worth in 2020$7.0 million
Net Worth in 2021$8.5 million
Net Worth in 2022$11 million

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1- How old is Pete Davidson?

Pete Davidson is 29 years old.

Q2- Who is Pete Davidson?

Pete Davidson is an American comedian as well as an actor.

Q3- Who is Pete Davidson dating?

Emily Ratajkowski is dating Pete Davidson.

Q4- How tall is Pete Davidson?

6 feet 3 inches.

Q5- Who has Pete Davidson dated?

Pete Davidson has dated Carly Aquilino, Cazzie David, Ariana Grande, Kate Beckinsale, Margaret Qualley, Kaia Gerber, Phoebe Dynevor, and Kim Kardashian. And currently, he is dating Emily Ratajkowski

Q6- How much is Pete Davidson’s Net worth?

$8 million as of 2022.

Q7- When is Pete Davidson going to space?

No, Pete Davidson never went to space.

Q8- What disease does Pete Davidson have?

Pete Davidson is struggling with Crohn’s disease.

Q9- what nationality is Pete Davidson?

Pete Davidson’s nationality is American.

Q10- Why is Pete Davidson famous?

Pete Davidson is famous as an American comedian.

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